Hibiscus Flower

Hibiscus Flower

For over 3 years now, we have consistently given ought-most attention to supplying high quality Dried Hibiscus Flowers. Having successfully shipped this commodity to several customers in the UK, United States, Vietnam, we believe we have what it takes to satisfy hibiscus demand any where in the world in terms of quality and quantity

Our team of in house workers, have over time developed the expertise in delivering well cleaned hibiscus flowers. Due to the track record we have sustained, we give the following specifications to our prospective customers:

1. Color: Bright Red/Dark Red
2. Very cleaned, purity 98% (and above)
3. Moisture content, range (8% – 13%)
4. Broken flowers, 5% max
5. Foreign matter (less than 0.5%)

We also supply the cut hibiscus flowers or sifting based on request.

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