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Who we are

Agro Export Nigeria is operated by Tradall Nigeria Limited. A company registered as an exporter of Agro products with Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Co

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Our Products

Exportation of agricultural products is our business, and Nigeria as a country where agriculture thrives has a vast array of locally cultivated crops&

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What we do

Our role as exporters of raw agricultural products is to ensure importers get exactly what they want from as close to the sources as possible…

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Recent News

New Sesame Seeds harvest 2018/2019

Another Sesame Seeds season has commenced in Nigeria, and this is a time for importers looking at buying from Nigeria this year to start placing orders with their suppliers. Even though the significant drop in the local prices expected is yet to happen, traders and exporters alike have flooded the Sesame Seeds producing communities in

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Sesame Seeds

Nigeria produces over 400,000MT of sesame seeds annually and is the 4th largest exporter in the world, coming behind Ethopia, India, and Sudan. It is clear from this that Tradall Nigeria Limited in a position to supply our esteemed customers as much as they demand. Though harvest season for this products commences October/November in Nigeria,

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Hibiscus Flower

For over 3 years now, we have consistently given ought-most attention to supplying high quality Dried Hibiscus Flowers. Having successfully shipped this commodity to several customers in the UK, United States, Vietnam, we believe we have what it takes to satisfy hibiscus demand any where in the world in terms of quality and quantity Our

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