New Sesame Seeds harvest 2018/2019

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New Sesame Seeds harvest 2018/2019

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Another Sesame Seeds season has commenced in Nigeria, and this is a time for importers looking at buying from Nigeria this year to start placing orders with their suppliers. Even though the significant drop in the local prices expected is yet to happen, traders and exporters alike have flooded the Sesame Seeds producing communities in a bid to starting buying early so they can meet up with their orders.

The rush to start buying the new Sesame Seeds by the traders and exporters mentioned above, could probably be the reason the expected drop in the local prices of Sesame Seeds is yet to occur despite the new harvest. Though it is expected that as more producing communities harvest their Sesame crop this November and bring them to the market, that boost in supply will most likely bring the price down as expected.

We at Tradall Nigeria Limited, operators of Agro export Nigeria, suppliers of high quality cleaned Sesame Seeds will be closely monitoring the Sesame Seeds market situation to get the best out of the price movement this season. We welcome orders from buyers in any country for the 2018/2019 season of Sesame Seeds in Nigeria.

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