Tamarind Suppliers

Tamarind which is a pod like fruit with a lot of health benefits is used and consumed in different parts of the world as cuisine, medicine, ornamental uses and lots more. Its therefor no wonder that the demand for this product has soared over time.

Although very few of the global demand is gotten from Nigeria at the moment, Agro export Nigeria is set to change this and drive focus of world consumers of tamarind to Nigeria. The country has the capacity to met up with demands from outside its shores. We have high quality Tamarind that suits buyers specification whatever they may be.

We have made positive marks supplying other products to Europe, America, Asia, etc. We have no doubt that we would be able to meet up with our customer’s specifications on tamarind and other derived products in terms of quantity and quality.

Our packaging is as neat as you would want it and our delivery period is timely. Please fill out the form below and make your tamarind order with us today, and we would get back to you ASAP.